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Rigi in winter

Mount Rigi is a gorgeous mountain at the doorstep of the Swiss Alps. It elevates to almost 1’800m which gives it a beautiful view both into the Alps (looking south) and metropolitan Switzerland (looking north). The white patch as seen on the following photo is a place called Seebodenalp, which is about mid-way up to the peak. This gorgeous spot is right above the ‹Hollow way in Küssnacht‹ where according to the legend William Tell shot Gessler (this is quite an important milestone for ancient Switzerland).

Slightly to the right (or west), one can see three layers of mountains beautifully hidden in clouds. The highest most mountains are parts of the Bernese Alps. Most prominently, the Bürgenstock mountain can be seen in the center of the image. This is a hideout with an elevator leading to the top!